Sure, i’d noticed Him, the dark-haired, handsome Daddy i’d surveyed with casual interest while working out at the gym. He’d caught me eyeing him several times.  He was a reserved Man of quiet strength, a Man’s Man who drove a Range Rover and by all account was just another wealthy, conservative, good ole boy Republican.  So i was shocked when He stepped into my shower stall and pulled the curtain behind Him, backing me against the wall.  

He acted with such cool, casual confidence that i immediately yielded to Him without question. He looked at me briefly before placing His large hand on the back of my head. He bent down and kissed me; it was firm and Manly and took my breath away. i was immediately aware of my pathetic little dick getting hard and as much as i wanted to drop to my knees to take His thick, Man-sized cock into my mouth i was immobilized. Then, just as casually as He had entered he left. 

i watched Him dress in the locker room and waited for some acknowledgment of what had just happened but He never gave it. It was clear that things were going to be on His timetable, not mine. Thus began my service to one of the leading Men of the community, a Man who fucks the breath out of me and uses my faggot body with such skill and ease that words are rarely necessary.  i’m property to Him, something He claimed and uses with unquestioning authority.  

I need to start going to the gym.

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I’ll give you an aspirin!

Make it two.

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GET IN ME!!!!!!

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